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Protection mask and how it affects the skin underneath

Protection mask and dermatitis


The face mask PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to cover nose and mouth is a proven device for viral infection protection (eg Coronavirus, COVID )

The masks are manufactured with many materials, with the most common been the polyester.

Once put in place the interchange between the humid and hot breathing air and the cold air outside the mask will create condensation with the increase of humidity in the inside of the mask.

When the mask is worn for a long period of time the skin underneath gets used to the hot and humid environment and in addition the sheering effect of the seams against the skin will cause irritation and bruising.

What happen to the skin can be compared to the same effects that a diaper creates in a baby skin. Maceration and changing of the skin microbiota are the most common problems.

segni della mascherina

Unwanted side effects

Many people that have to wear the mask for a long time will experience Dermatitis, Acne, redness and itching (pruritus).

Our suggestion

To prevent skin problems due to a prolonged used of the face mask Most Suggests applying Crema Lenitiva before wearing the mask. Our cream has two important actions:

  • Absorbs excess moisture maintaining the skin dry.
  • Reducing damages by preventing the skin from rubbing with the mask.

Crema Lenitiva will also reduce inflammation allowing a prolonged use of the face mask.

Furthermore, it is advisable to move away the mask from the skin for just few seconds by lifting it from the bottom to allow a quick air change, without compromising protection. This procedure should be done approximately every 10 minutes so that the change of air will inhibit the forming of condensation.

mascherina di protezione

Lenitive cream

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