Saperne di più sui lubrificanti vaginali

An educated look into personal lubricants

What are they and what they are supposed to do?

Personal or vaginal lubricants are conceived as gels or emulsions rich in water and fats with the ability to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact.
Due to these common ingredients, it is necessary to add preservatives to inhibit fungus and bacterial growth and antioxidants to preserve the fats. Creams also need to contain emulsifiers to properly keep water and oils or fats combined properly.
These added ingredients unfortunately have the drawback of causing irritation and dismicrobism, an unbalanced of (good) bacterial growth. In fact, the vaginal tissues have a complex or flora of lactobacillus (friendly bacteria present in our genital, urinary and digestive systems) very sensitive to preservatives, anti-bacteria substances and emulsifiers.
The loss or imbalance of the protective vaginal flora leave the field exposed to the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms (bad bacteria causing diseases) with consequences such as vaginal discharges, redness, itching, bad odor and more.
So, it is important to choose a vaginal lubricant free of the above-mentioned ingredients (preservatives, emulsifiers, water) that could damage the vulvar-vaginal bacterial flora.
MOST LIP LAP was initially created as a lips balm/moisturizer but later found to be also very effective and safe as vaginal moisturizer and lubricant. It is safe to ingest and contains plant base polymers that won’t disrupt the healthy bacterial growth.

LipLap – Lip Balm

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