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Healthy lips with the lip balm

Anatomy of the lips

Softness and hydration of the lips are regulated by the lipids (fats) produced by the skin cells located under the outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum).
Healthy lips have pink tone distinguishable from the surrounding skin of the rest of the face. This pigmentation is due to the fact that the stratum corneum on the lips is thinner than the one of the rest of the body, hence the blood that circulated in the lips vessel is more visible.
The little folds or wrinkles are necessary to distend the lips when talking or smiling. Healthy lips should feel like silk when distended.

When lips are not healthy

Factors that contribute to dry or scaly lips

  1. Cold and wind
  2. Saliva and its enzymes
  3. Breathing with the mouth open
  4. Heated or air-conditioned environment
  5. Repeated use of lips cosmetics such as Lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm

Lip balm dermatitis

The frequent use of lip makeup will generate a particular condition called lipstick dermatitis.
Lips will appear dry and pale due to the fact that the outermost layer of the skin is thickened obscuring the blood vessel underneath ( scaly lips). The occluding fats, often contained in most lip makeup will also trap moisture that will become stagnant causing inflammation and infections on the lateral margin of the lips.

Lip balm addiction

The so-called lip balm addiction is very frequent in people with fragile or sensitive skin. The immediate feeling of softness after application will vanish very quickly generating a compulsive addiction to re-apply the lip balm several times a day with the illusion of moisturizing and softening.


MOST researcher have developed a lip protectant loved by users and dermatologist.
MOST LIP LAP is a lip moisturizer with a softening action working on the fundamental precept of self-hydration. Its main ingredient is a glycerin polymer with a high hydrophilic (water absorbent) power that is capable of drawing water from the bottom layers of the skin and replenish the stratum corneum for a healthy and moisturized lips.
MOST LIP LAP does not contain fats or butters, therefore do not cause lip balm dermatitis.

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