Dry skin: how to get rid of it

Whats dry skin

Dry skin, in medical term skin xerosis, is a dermatological problem that involves an increasing number of subjects and is also a problem of difficult resolution.
The most known form of dryness or skin xerosis is that of the elderly and with the increase of lifespan more and more people need treatments for dry skin.

Cause of dry skin

Everyday life leads to the creation of situations that cause dry skin, such as, for example, frequent washing, the use of aggressive detergents, long sun exposure with photo aging consequences, some work activities or the practice of open air sports with wind and sun, and so on in many other situations.
Another cause of very dry skin is facial cosmetics. Daily make-up and make-up remove inevitably cause dryness accentuating wrinkles.


  • Weather – Cold – Wind
  • Excessive washing – Sports – Children
  • Use of Diuretics drugs – Chemotherapy
  • Physical Therapies Radiotherapy
  • Atopic Dermatitis – Psoriasis – Ichthyosis
  • Pathological conditions Diabetes – renal dialysis
  • Senescence of Daily Cosmetics

Dry skin in diseases

Pathological dryness of the skin

Pathological dryness is an extreme form of dryness for which the layer horny appears desquamated, fissured, inflamed. The skin feels rough, itchy or pulling feeling.
There are also chronic diseases and drugs that contribute to dry skin. Diabetes and renal dialysis are examples of diseases that cause pathological dryness due to the use of diuretics or statins, drugs that induce dry skin.

Dry skin in cancer treatments

Some of the modern antitumor therapies with Biological Drugs as well as the more traditional chemotherapies induce a pathological states of dryness that is difficult to treat.
Main pathological causes that induce skin xerosis:

  • Circulatory cardiac failure
  • Peripheral arteriosclerosis
  • Venous stasis
  • Lymphatic stasis
  • hypoproteinemia
  • Prolonged febrile state
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Kidney failure
  • Intestinal malabsorption
  • Malnutrition
  • Cachectic states

Dry skin: what happens in the outermost layer of the skin

Water loss

Dry skin or Xerosis is basically due to the fact that the outermost layer of the skin loses its water content. In fact, water is used to keep the outermost layer of the skin soft, elastic and flexible.
Water is kept inside by lipids and proteins that form this layer.
Under certain conditions, such as those mentioned above, water is dispersed and the skin becomes dry.
Therefore, having dry skin means that water is not kept in by the structures of the outermost layer of the skin but this doesnt mean that there isn’t, therefore it is wrong to commonly suggest to drink more or apply moisturizers: these measures do not act on the dryness of the skin.

Solutions to water loss from the outermost layer of the skin

The solution against dry skin are linked to the causes. For example if the dryness is mainly caused by the use of a drug and the drug can be and gets suspended, the dryness regresses spontaneously. If the dryness is due to excess washing or washing with aggressive detergents, just correct the wrong behavior and the dryness disappears. Unfortunately, in many cases it is not possible to act on the causes.
If the dryness of the skin is moderated, correcting wrong behaviors should be enough, using a non-foaming detergent as a Cleansing Cream for the washing and, after drying, appling a cream rich in natural lipids such as Emollient Cream.
If dryness has reached an extreme condition all this may not be enough.

Water loss

Considering that dry skin is caused by the lack of water retention in the Outermost layer of the skin and not by the lack of water, to act on the dryness you must apply on the skin a product capable of recalling the water from the deep layers and retain it in the Outermost layer of the skin such as Emollient Ointment Extreme. This product is capable of re donating elasticity and softness to the outermost layer of the skin.


Emollient Ointment Extreme is the self-moisturizing ointment from MOST that does not contain water or preservatives but is capable of attracting water from the deep layers of the skin to the outermost layer of the skin thanks to it is formulation rich of natural polyglycerols derived from vegetable oils.

Emollient Ointment Extreme

Emollient ointment extreme


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