puntura medusa

Dos and don’ts after jellyfish sting

The 5 things don'ts

  1. Do not rub sand or a hot stone on the skin. Jellyfish toxins are thermolabile, meaning they can be de-activated by heat, but we are talking about very high temperatures, about 60-70 degrees Celsius (140-160 Fahrenheit). Better not to risk a burn and treat the sting with another remedy!
  2. Do not apply ice: jellyfish toxins could last longer!
  3. Forget grandmother’s remedies like urine, alcohol and ammonia as they could make the situation worse or spread the stinging cells over a larger area.
  4. Control the urge to scratch the wound! The pressure applied while scratching can cause microlesions on the skin releasing more poison, aggravating the situation and creating more itch.
  5. In the following days, do not expose the area to the sun and do not apply sunscreens as the skin would become more inflamed and redness could turn into persistent pigmentation (darker spots on the skin).
puntura medusa

What to do

How to fight the itching and burning effects of a jellyfish sting?
Just one simple step! Apply MOST Astringent Gel with Aluminum Chloride!
MOST Astringent Gel in a matter of minutes will block the spreading of toxins and gives immediate relief to burning and itching.

Astringent gel